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Personalized Microwavable Popcorn

This is a great idea for businesses and fund-raising organizations. At The Popcorn Station you can customize and create your own microwavable bag. Prices shown are for a one-color standard imprint microwave bag. A one time set-up charge will apply. We can do up to a 4 color process, please call for pricing. Shipping charges are in addition to the prices below.

There is a 300 bag minimum purchase required - after that you can order in 100 bag increments.

# of BagsPrice per Bag
400 – 1,000.95
1,100 – 2,500.90
2,600 – 5,000.85
5,100 - 10,000.80

Please contact the store directly at 877-267-1924 or by email at to place an order.

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